"Everyone who has rallied to get me on this list I love you all. To have a black trans woman at the top of this list if it’s only for today is so major. Keep voting. Voting is open til April 22.” — Laverne Cox via Facebook

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I normally don’t promote this kind of shit but having a trans woman of color on that list (and at the top of it! ) would be such an important and amazing thing. Please consider voting for her if you already haven’t

aww the drawing i just posted seems so low quality :c i’ll exchange it with a better copy tomorrow. not reupload tho bc it doesnt look /that/ bad but wAH

really wanted to draw kurt with his injuries from 5x15, sorry if theyre a bit inaccurate ;o;

"Kurt’s the hot shot now."

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just some doodles of kurt from 5x16 \o/ (with the one and only ‘chrundershirt’ for my dearest dalia)

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Can we start a petition to get Kurt to sing ‘Teenage Dream’ to Blaine at their wedding?

i just don’t understand why it’s taken nearly 4 years for someone in fandom to actually suggest this. I AM SO ON BOARD.

let’s go all the way tonight

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Wave your magic wand, where would you be in four years?